Episode 6

August 28, 2023


The Imperial and Economic Consequences of Bird Shit

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Christian Borkey
The Imperial and Economic Consequences of Bird Shit
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The Imperial and Economic Consequences of Bird Shit

Aug 28 2023 | 01:10:32


Show Notes

Who wants to get drunk and talk about 1800s agriculture? MEEEEE apparently! Join myself and my sweet special friend J. T. Kost for an episode detailing the guano boom and bust of the 1800s: drunken reenactments of the Last Supper, yadda-yadda-ing our way through unprecendented imperial expansion, and plenty of descriptions of bird shit abound this episode! Not to get too TMI but I had to figure out a recording situation last-minute to produce this podcast, which means that the audio quality might be...shall we say different than previous episodes. I'm working on a solution and I hope you still like it anyways! This episode was a labor of love to my roots in academia, which is part of why the title is so annoying <3

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1) How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States, Daniel Immewahr, 2016

2) Guano and the Opening of the Pacific World: A Global Ecological History, Gregory T Cushman, 2013

These are pretty dense books, and let's be real, any other source I consulted was genuinely just taking their info from these books -- it's pretty obvious. But man these books are so effing dense I don't feel bad only having two sources lol. 

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