Episode 3

January 03, 2022


The Salvation Army's Labor Violations

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Christian Borkey
The Salvation Army's Labor Violations
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The Salvation Army's Labor Violations

Jan 03 2022 | 00:49:04


Show Notes

Blender Bluid joins to talk about the Salvation Army. NOT THE GAY STUFF. This is about worker’s rights, weird Christians, incredibly lax laws around what counts as “rehab,” and resisting the urge to cry while reading court documents about labor violations. Follow @blenderbluid everywhere!

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1. The anti-drinking listicle, William Booth 1888

2. Salvation Army ARC magazine write-up, New Frontier Chronicle (now CARING magazine)

3. Charlotte ARC write-up, UNC MediaHub contributors 

4. Chaotic De Moines Article, Lee Rood

5. Department of Labor decision, Washington Times

6. "Work Therapy"—How the Salvation Army's Chain of Rehabs Exploits Unpaid Labor, Kenneth Anderson

7. Guy Dixon court summary, Jan 2005

8. California Salvation Army Court Complaint, May 2021

9. Chicago Salvation Army Court Complaint, Nov 2021

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