Episode 2

December 19, 2022


The NFL (mostly the Washington Commanders)

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Christian Borkey
The NFL (mostly the Washington Commanders)
Busted Business Bureau
The NFL (mostly the Washington Commanders)

Dec 19 2022 | 01:13:27


Show Notes

World's biggest fact-knower, KP, is back on the podcast to talk a little bit about the National Football League's greatest franchise, the Washington Commanders. Dan Snyder's circus of finding bold, brave, and inventive ways to hork as much money out of patrons as possible. Grab a beer for the urinal, cozy up with some expired airline peanuts, and be sure to pay me 200 dollars to listen to this episode that's probably one of the funniest ones to date. But then it gets pretty awful, sorry about that. If Congress didn't release a whole ass report on the Washington Commanders on Dec 8, 2022, I'd have probably made this a different episode. But here we are! 

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Sources (not in order, also sorry many of them use the team's old name): 

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