Episode 1

January 03, 2022


Clothing Donation Bins / Tvind Teachers Group

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Christian Borkey
Clothing Donation Bins / Tvind Teachers Group
Busted Business Bureau
Clothing Donation Bins / Tvind Teachers Group

Jan 03 2022 | 00:47:05


Show Notes

Jaxi Alegria joins to talk about commercial clothing donation bins, specifically the ones tied to an international political cult. Big swing for the first episode! We'll talk about troubled teen facilities, international fugitives known for tax evasion, fradulent charities, and how sexy you have to be to commit certain crimes. 

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1. Tvind Alert Website

2. Minneapolis and USagain bins, Grant Wilson

3. Case Summary of Danish Prosecutor vs. Mogens Amdi Petersen

4. FBI Report on Tvind, 2001

5. Former supporters describe charity leader's rise and fall, Chicago Tribune

6. Concerning Tvind, Steen Thomsen

7. Charity Commission Report, 1997

8. Fresh abuse allegations at children’s ‘home of horrors’ with links to ‘cult-like’ group, Tom Bristow

9. Teachers Group: The cult-like group linked to a charity that gets UK aid, BBC

10. US taxpayers are financing alleged cult through African aid charities, Reveal News

11. PlanetAid's 2020 Annual Report, Talks about One World University and Humana People to People

12. Tvind's Website Timeline stating that they founded One World University and Humana People to People

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