Episode 2

January 03, 2022



Hosted by

Christian Borkey
Busted Business Bureau

Jan 03 2022 | 00:42:36


Show Notes

Amy Do joins to talk about the meteoric rise and fall of a family cable empire from the 90s. It’s like if Succession took place in a rural company town, had less sexy actors, and added fradulently-funded lesbian arthouse films. Turns out, it only takes one question from a nosy fella to collapse a billion-dollar business. Follow @helloamydo everywhere!

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1. JohnnyCashRules32 Youtube Page

2. Adelphia Interviews, Dr. Susan Bishop

3. Court Case Summary, District Judge Gerard Lynch

4. SEC vs. Adelphia

5. That damn public Adelphia meeting, NYT 2002

6. Retrospective on Adelphia, NYT 2004

7. Watch Songcatcher for Free, Tubi

8. The Adelphia Story, CNN Money

9. John Rigas First Pitch, Olean Times Herald

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