Episode 5

September 19, 2022


Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone

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Christian Borkey
Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone
Busted Business Bureau
Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone

Sep 19 2022 | 01:12:53


Show Notes

This one's a banger, no way around it. This one will give a detailed history of Monsanto's relationship with the FDA -- spoilers, it literally goes ALL the way back -- and how the FDA was complicit in the expediting of Bovine Growth Hormone. We also go on a very long tangent on if the father of food safety was a fellow homosexual (Because it's my podcast! And I get to do whatever I want!)

This episode is full of such compelling characters; it's a shattering reminder that there are always people fighting the good fight. Hope you're enjoying the season so far! My description-writing game has dramatically weakened. Need to redirect my brain power into the episodes lol. But if you like this podcast, please keep telling your friends! I can tell a lot of you have been already!! 

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