Episode 3

September 12, 2022


Monsanto 3: Superfund Sites and Slag

Monsanto 3: Superfund Sites and Slag
Busted Business Bureau
Monsanto 3: Superfund Sites and Slag

Show Notes

Hello again, y'all! This episode's all about the ENVIRONMENT and it is a real doozy. If you choose for some reason to start with this one, understand that we'd been in the studio for hours at this point. Blender Bluid, Amy Do and I were all simply transcending the mortal form. Anyways, in this riveting episode we talk about Times Beach Missouri, Anniston Alabama, and Soda Springs Idaho's separate disasters connected to Monsanto. There's a surprising amount of horses and Ronald Reagan, but not related to one another despite the fact that he was really into horses. Fun fact for ya. Cheers!




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