Episode 2

September 08, 2022


Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange

Hosted by

Christian Borkey
Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange
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Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange

Sep 08 2022 | 01:09:30


Show Notes

All in all, this is a comedy podcast. But this is definitely one of the darkest episodes I've made. It's really important to me and it's heartbreaking...huge content warning for gruesome body horror. I'm really proud of this one, and despite it all, Amy and Blender Bluid managed to make this one real funny. This episode talks about Monsanto's role in the US imperial machine! We've got warmongering, we've got factories blowin' up, we have a new kind of acne that has literally never been observed before. Hitherto unforseen diseases will unfortunately be a running theme. This episode also tests the limits of what we will put up with when it comes to French people being french. Enjoy!




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