Episode 4

January 10, 2022



Busted Business Bureau

Show Notes

Karsten Runquist joins for an overwhelmingly deep dive into Kars4Kids. When you donate your car, where does your money go? This question is what inspired me to start this entire podcast. If you like looking through public tax records, learning about real estate speculation, or being frightened by sentient 5-dollar-bill mascots, this one's for you. Follow @karstenrunquist and/or @runquistkarsten everywhere! 

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Other Episodes

Episode 8

September 29, 2022

Monsanto 8: The Acquisition. The Antitrust Jubilee. The Awards.

WE'VE GONE AND DONE IT! EIGHT HOURS LATER, THE MONSANTO SEASON IS COMPLETE! This episode goes over Bayer's disastrous acquisition of Monsanto, how the antitrust division of the US government is simply set up to fail, and we have a look back on all of the hee-hees and haw-haws of the Monsanto season. After sitting in that studio for hours on end with Bluid and Amy, I think we deserve a little retrospective as a treat. I hope you're all feeling emotionally ok after this season. Drink some water. Hug your besties. I hope to see as many of you at the live show as possible this Saturday, and if not, I'll catch you in Season 4! Should be out by the end of 2022. Kissies!  Follow @BlenderBluid and @HelloAmyDo LIVE SHOW TICKET LINK OCTOBER 1 PLEASE COME! PATREON LINK SOURCES:  https://www.justice.gov/atr/case-document/file/1066656/download Bayer Tightens Control Over the World’s Food Supply, Carin Smaller, International Institute for Sustainable Development 2016.  Bayer raises Monsanto cash takeover offer to $65bn, Rob Davies, The Guardian 2016 Justice Department approves Bayer-Monsanto merger in landmark settlement, Brian Fung and Caitlin Dewey, WP 2018 How Bayer-Monsanto Became One of the Worst Corporate Deals—in 12 Charts, Ruth Bender, WSJ Aug 2019 Bayer Investor Sues Top Officials for ‘Disastrous’ Monsanto Deal, Chris Dolmetsch, Claims Journal 2020 Seed monopolies: Who controls the world's food supply?, Charli Shield, DW 2021 ...



Episode 10

August 08, 2022

An Episode About Rats

Dr. Alex Berr is on the pod to 1) brutally roast me several times and 2) help me think about the questions regarding the business of selling and distributing animals. The question that drives this episode is: Are animals products? We talk about the industry standards for both pet rats and lab rats when it comes to breeding, caretaking, and liability. Dr. Berr got her PhD in biomedical engineering and has PLENTY of experience with mice...it's really cool stuff. While this episode is absolutely hilarious, it's also pretty dark and gross. Don't listen if you're squeamish about animal stuff; this one is simply not for you. I forgot to put a disclaimer up top so consider yourself warned. Anyways, go see Uncontrolled Variables at the Lincoln Lodge this Thursday at 7:30pm! :) FOOTNOTES:  Mr. McKnight works to keep on rolling, Liz Such, Kaneland Krier 2013 EVERY DOG CAN HAVE ITS DAY: EXTENDING LIABILITY BEYOND THE SELLER BY DEFINING PETS AS “PRODUCTS” UNDER PRODUCTS LIABILITY THEORY, Jason Parent, Animal Law Review at Lewis & Clark Law School, 2005 Caruso v Crawford Hospital, NY 1979 Bazzini vs Garrant, NY 1982 https://www.criver.com/sites/default/files/noindex/catalogs/rms/brown-norway-rats-us-pricing.pdf Special report: Thousands of mice were euthanized at Rutgers during last year's campus shutdown, Madison McGay and Hayley Slusser, The Daily Targum 2021 The History of the Lab Rat Is Full of Scientific Triumphs and Ethical Quandaries, Sam Schipani, Smithsonian Magazine (This one has EAR RAT in it) https://www.melirats.com/our-rattery USDA uncovers abuse at rodent supplier that PETA claims is used by PetSmart, Russ Wiles, AZ Central 2016 Petco Rats Need ...



Episode 2

May 30, 2022

D.A.R.E. America

My brother in christ, Matt McLean, joins for a jaunty-ass personal episode about society's preventative answer to the war on drugs: DARE! Cops certainly did not get this one right, despite receiving an insane amount of funding. Like bonkers. This loosey goosey episode was so fun to record, and if you like drugs, alcohol, and violence, this episode is for you! Stream Matt's music and follow @bustedbizbureau if you're so inclined. :) KISSES! FOOTNOTES 1. DARE Marks a Decade of Growth and Controversy : Youth: Despite critics, anti-drug program expands nationally. But some see declining support in LAPD., Jim Newton, LA Times, 1993 2. DARE takes substance abuse message into classrooms, Mureena Naseer, Journal and Courier, 1999 3. DARE to succeed, Myra Jones, The Bradenton Herald, 2000 4. DARE officers guide our youth, Joe Mazurek, Ravalli Republic, 1996 5. Program DARES youth to resist drugs and violence, Sheryald Cubrey, The Marshall News, 1996 6. Vintage DARE cartoon 7. DARE Scare: Turning Children Into Informants?, James Bovard, 1994, Washington Post 8. A brief history of DARE, the anti-drug program Jeff Sessions wants to revive, Christopher Ingramsen, Washington Post 2017, 9. Local cops defend DARE, Rex Robinson and Phil Rokohor, Southtown Star 1998 ...