Episode 7

September 26, 2022


Monsanto 7: The Good Fight

Monsanto 7: The Good Fight
Busted Business Bureau
Monsanto 7: The Good Fight

Show Notes

Barehanded honeykeeping, moms-on-facebook, and deadly scientific coverups are all converging to form the final bell toll for Monsanto's mortal time. With all of the doom-and-gloom from past episodes, you're probably wondering how this company...doesn't...still exist, given its titanic political, scientific, and corporate influence. The answer is it's all of it and it's none of it. We're really going through the ringer this episode with a final act that is so heartbreaking that I was, in fact, crying while reading it. Check it out! Please rate and leave reviews on the podcast if you love it; it really helps me out :)

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A woman with literally no water signs in her astrological chart through Pluto, Claire Rufin, joins me to throw away any chances I had at getting sponsored by BetterHelp! I'm working through a lot of my own understanding on the subjects in this episode, including how a CEO who is presumably worth millions of dollars would take to Reddit to address a complaints lobbied by a Youtuber named Memeology 101. Anyways, this episode is about privacy, employees' rights, and big data. I could not have formed my understanding on these subjects without Cathy O'Neill's Weapons of Math Destruction: AWESOME book! But yeah, I think this is a unique take on BetterHelp. Claire was great on this podcast, @claireannalee is her instagram, I'm cracking open a daiquiri with a paper straw in her honor tonight.  Weapons of Math Destruction, Cathy O'Neill 2016 How Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit behemoth, suddenly imploded, Lance Williams, Reveal News Sep 2016 Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?, Lauren Weber and Elizabeth Dwoskin, WSJ 2014 When Your Boss Makes You Pay for Being Fat, Leslie Kwoh, WSJ 2013 At Talkspace, Start-Up Culture Collides With Mental Health Concerns, Kashmir Hill and Aaron Krolik, NYT Aug 2020 Eat the Rich episode 90: Online Therapy Platforms https://jezebel.com/the-spooky-loosely-regulated-world-of-online-therapy-1841791137 https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/privacynotincluded/betterhelp/ https://www.polygon.com/2018/10/4/17932862/betterhelp-app-youtube-sponsorship-controversy-explained https://pitchbook.com/profiles/investor/461812-87#overview https://medium.com/@alonmatas/when-betterhelp-found-itself-in-a-youtube-controversy-3fd472229a4e https://www.betterhelp.com/privacy/ https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rollingstone.com%2Fculture%2Fculture-features%2Fbetterhealth-app-astroworld-travis-scott-1255876%2F https://www.betterhelporg.com/ ("Robust Reporting") ...



Episode 3

September 12, 2022

Monsanto 3: Superfund Sites and Slag

Hello again, y'all! This episode's all about the ENVIRONMENT and it is a real doozy. If you choose for some reason to start with this one, understand that we'd been in the studio for hours at this point. Blender Bluid, Amy Do and I were all simply transcending the mortal form. Anyways, in this riveting episode we talk about Times Beach Missouri, Anniston Alabama, and Soda Springs Idaho's separate disasters connected to Monsanto. There's a surprising amount of horses and Ronald Reagan, but not related to one another despite the fact that he was really into horses. Fun fact for ya. Cheers! LIVE SHOW TICKETS OCTOBER 1 PLZ SUPPORT MY PATREON SOURCES:  Baptized in PCB’s: Race, Pollution, and Justice in an All-American Town, Ellen Griffith Spears 2014 The World According to Monsanto, Marie-Monique Robin 2008 Missouri's Costly Dioxin Lesson, Marjorie Sun, Science VOL. 219, NO. 4583 pp. 367-369, 1983 Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution, Michael Grunwald, Washington Post 2002 Pollution, Poverty and People of Color: Dirty Soil and Diabetes, Brett Israel, Environmental Health News, 2012 Monsanto’s Superfund Secret, Bart Elmore, Dissent Magazine 2017 Roundup’s Other Problem: Glyphosate is Sourced from Controversial Mines, Gosia Wozniacka Civil Eats, 2019 Residential zoning at former Monsanto site dangerous for future homebuyers, Sue Stevenson Columbia Daily ...