Episode 5

September 19, 2022


Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone

Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone
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Monsanto 5: Bovine Growth Hormone

Show Notes

This one's a banger, no way around it. This one will give a detailed history of Monsanto's relationship with the FDA -- spoilers, it literally goes ALL the way back -- and how the FDA was complicit in the expediting of Bovine Growth Hormone. We also go on a very long tangent on if the father of food safety was a fellow homosexual (Because it's my podcast! And I get to do whatever I want!)

This episode is full of such compelling characters; it's a shattering reminder that there are always people fighting the good fight. Hope you're enjoying the season so far! My description-writing game has dramatically weakened. Need to redirect my brain power into the episodes lol. But if you like this podcast, please keep telling your friends! I can tell a lot of you have been already!! 

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Other Episodes

Episode 1

September 05, 2022


SEASON 3 LET'S GO! This episode is the first of 8 in a FULL MONSANTO SEASON!!! I'd recommend starting with this episode; it will provide a complete timeline of Monsanto's wacky history and will give us some surprise tools to help us in later episodes. Blender Bluid and Amy Do are the guests for the entire season and girl they are hysterical. This episode is full of scientific abominations, the US government, Mark Ruffalo, and a place coloquially referred to as titty city. Welcome to my magnum opus, and enjoy the view from halfway down! Also I forgot to mention it aloud in the podcast but please come to my live show on October 1st :) The topic will not have to do with Monsanto; it's going to be a banging time.  Follow @BlenderBluid and @HelloAmyDo LIVE SHOW TICKET LINK PATREON LINK SOURCES:  The World According to Monsanto, Marie-Monique Robin 2008 “Incorporated to Be a Sewer”: A Historical Analysis of Industrial Pollution in Sauget, Illinois, Fiona Eckert, Washington University in St Louis Center for Humanities, 2020 Funky Town! Smokestacks, strip joints and a seriously solid tax base: Welcome to Sauget, Illinois, Mike Seely, Riverfront Times 2004 Village Tax Levy is Only Thirteen Cents, Belleville News-Democrat, 1930 The Dayton Project, Atomic Heritage Foundation c. 2019 Monsanto Company, Company-Histories.com Former Monsanto CEO John "Jack" Hanley dies at 96, Bryce Gray, St. ...



Episode 3

June 06, 2022

"Climate Certified" Products

KP, who invented being funny, has returned AGAIN for an episode about the market’s solution to the pesky idea of consumers hating climate change: “climate certification.” This podcast is certified carbon neutral because I venmo’d someone in France to get an impossible whopper from Burger King. This episode is not doom and gloom, it’s full of scams and glam! It’ll be fun, I pinky promise! Follow @they.call.us everywhere and thanks for the reviews! Keep ‘em coming! I love and appreciate you <3 FOOTNOTES 1. https://www.climateneutral.org/ 2. https://www.smh.com.au/environment/conservation/carbon-cowboys-20110722-1hssc.html 3. https://features.propublica.org/brazil-carbon-offsets/inconvenient-truth-carbon-credits-dont-work-deforestation-redd-acre-cambodia/ 4. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/article/to-regrow-forests-us-needs-billions-of-seeds-many-more-seed-hunters 5. https://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/2010/0420/Carbon-offsets-How-a-Vatican-forest-failed-to-reduce-global-warming PS towards the end I mention that I really believe in individual action to stop climate change, the IMPLICATION being that I also believe in holding companies accountable for their behaviors/believe in strict regulations. I feel like that’s clear from….the entire podcast that I do….but I did in fact fail to mention it in the rant at the end. Cancel me if you feel. ...



Episode 11

April 04, 2022

BONUS EPISODE: The Men's Rights Lawyer Who Makes a Killing off a Technicality

Chicago improv's biggest hater KP returns to talk about men's rights (and men's wrongs). This men's rights lawyer has unleashed himself upon California to successfully sue people over ladies nights, lesbian gatherings, and Mother's Day baseball promotions. Why is Alfred Rava not a household name? This is literally all I talk about now. TUNE IN! Souces (not enough if you ask me): 1. https://www.dfeh.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2017/12/DFEH_UnruhFactSheet.pdf 2. https://www.nrtoday.com/a-hetoo-movement-fighting-for-men-s-rights-in-california-courts/article_7b2a05db-3e71-542b-a7d9-4f21eabf1fbc.html 3. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2006-may-16-sp-promotions16-story.html 4. https://nypost.com/2018/05/11/woman-sued-by-men-for-discrimination-at-empowerment-events/ 5. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/01/men-rights-unruh-act-women-discrimination/ 6. https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-pol-trump-mens-rights-20161027-story.html 7. https://ncfm.org/2018/06/news/discrimination-news/discrimination-against-men-news/ncfm-members-file-lawsuit-against-women-only-tech-scholarships-a-man-tax/ 8. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/ca-court-of-appeal/1887382.html 9. https://www.classaction.org/media/riddick-et-al-v-united-airlines-inc.pdf 10. https://www.espn.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=reilly_rick&sportCat=mlb&id=4247723 11. https://www.scribd.com/document/380009632/Pollister-v-Shlesinger-Et-Al Follow @BustedBizBureau or head to BustedBizBureau.com for more updates! Thanks for tuning in. Season 2 coming soon!  ...