Episode 2

September 08, 2022


Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange

Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange
Busted Business Bureau
Monsanto 2: The US Army, Vietnam, and Agent Orange

Show Notes

All in all, this is a comedy podcast. But this is definitely one of the darkest episodes I've made. It's really important to me and it's heartbreaking...huge content warning for gruesome body horror. I'm really proud of this one, and despite it all, Amy and Blender Bluid managed to make this one real funny. This episode talks about Monsanto's role in the US imperial machine! We've got warmongering, we've got factories blowin' up, we have a new kind of acne that has literally never been observed before. Hitherto unforseen diseases will unfortunately be a running theme. This episode also tests the limits of what we will put up with when it comes to French people being french. Enjoy!




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Johnson & Johnson's Risperdal: For the Boys!

Dan Carroll, who is one of the boys, joins me for probably the most fucked up episode I've made to date. Medical horror abound, this one is certainly dark. If you think illegally marketing a drug to be used off-label for disabled children is bad, it's literally not even scratching the surface of how bad the rest of it gets. Strap in for the longest episode script I've made thus far all about geriatric abuse, simping for the FDA, and body changes that are so shocking that I waited until 30 minutes in to tell Dan where the episode was going. Oh also, you get some lore about me! Follow @DanCarroll__ on twitter, hug your people tight, and thanks again for listening to this podcast. Love you all! B) FOOTNOTES:  1. America's Most Admired Lawbreaker, Steven Brill, Huffington Post DocuSerial 2016 2. Johnson & Johnson to Pay More Than $2.2 Billion to Resolve Criminal and Civil Investigations, DOJ 2013 3. https://risperdalboys.com/ 4. https://thenationaltriallawyers.org/2014/03/risperdal-lawsuit-montana-5-9-million-settlement/ 5. https://www.drugwatch.com/risperdal/lawsuits/ 6. https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/news/jj-janssen-risperdal-lawsuit/ 7. https://web.archive.org/web/20180804183932/https://newbrunswicktoday.com/article/jj-biochemist-testifies-company-never-gave-fda-risperdal-safety-analysis-it-knew-about-years 8. https://web.archive.org/web/20180804183827/https://newbrunswicktoday.com/article/latest-risperdal-verdict-jj-hit-70-million-compensatory-damages 9. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1256452/?page=3 ...



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My girlfriend Sarah joins to talk about frozen food, a surprising amount of corporate espionage, and the private company that has a ~70% likelihood of supplying your public school's pizza: Schwan's! The school lunch contract biz is more intense than you'd think. Please follow @BustedBizBureau everywhere!  Marvin M. Schwan, John Radzilowski, Immigrant Entrepreneurship 2018 Schwan, Marvin in front of an original ice cream truck, ca. 1977 Ketchup as a Vegetable: Condiments and the Politics of School Lunch in Reagan’s America, Amy Bentley, Gastronomica 2021 Judge Allows Lawsuit to Proceed in $870 Million Schwan Heir Case, AP News 1996 MARK SCHWAN AND PAUL SCHWAN VS LAWRENCE BURDGOF ET. AL, APPEAL FROM SECOND JUDICIAL COURT, MINNEHHAHA COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA Corporate Spies: The Pizza Plot, Adam L. Penenberg and Marc Barry, NYT 2000 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA Schwan’s IP, LLC, and Schwan’s Consumer Brands North America, Inc VS Kraft Pizza Company Potato politics, with a pizza side, David Rogers, Politico 2011 Washington pizza sauce fight has deep Minnesota ties, Brett Neely, MPRNews 2011 Leading School Food Supplier, Schwan’s Food Service, Serves Up Industry’s First Portfolio of Products to Meet Proposed USDA School Meal Rules, BusinessWire 2011 City Schools’ Food Program Struggles with Pizza Problems, City Limits 2016 Schwan's Co. v. Cai 12-2-2021 ...



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An Episode About Rats

Dr. Alex Berr is on the pod to 1) brutally roast me several times and 2) help me think about the questions regarding the business of selling and distributing animals. The question that drives this episode is: Are animals products? We talk about the industry standards for both pet rats and lab rats when it comes to breeding, caretaking, and liability. Dr. Berr got her PhD in biomedical engineering and has PLENTY of experience with mice...it's really cool stuff. While this episode is absolutely hilarious, it's also pretty dark and gross. Don't listen if you're squeamish about animal stuff; this one is simply not for you. I forgot to put a disclaimer up top so consider yourself warned. Anyways, go see Uncontrolled Variables at the Lincoln Lodge this Thursday at 7:30pm! :) FOOTNOTES:  Mr. McKnight works to keep on rolling, Liz Such, Kaneland Krier 2013 EVERY DOG CAN HAVE ITS DAY: EXTENDING LIABILITY BEYOND THE SELLER BY DEFINING PETS AS “PRODUCTS” UNDER PRODUCTS LIABILITY THEORY, Jason Parent, Animal Law Review at Lewis & Clark Law School, 2005 Caruso v Crawford Hospital, NY 1979 Bazzini vs Garrant, NY 1982 https://www.criver.com/sites/default/files/noindex/catalogs/rms/brown-norway-rats-us-pricing.pdf Special report: Thousands of mice were euthanized at Rutgers during last year's campus shutdown, Madison McGay and Hayley Slusser, The Daily Targum 2021 The History of the Lab Rat Is Full of Scientific Triumphs and Ethical Quandaries, Sam Schipani, Smithsonian Magazine (This one has EAR RAT in it) https://www.melirats.com/our-rattery USDA uncovers abuse at rodent supplier that PETA claims is used by PetSmart, Russ Wiles, AZ Central 2016 Petco Rats Need ...