Episode 7

July 11, 2022


Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings
Busted Business Bureau
Buffalo Wild Wings

Show Notes

Buffalo native and hater-by-trade, Christian McCann, has dropped by the podcast to give us a people's history of the most bizarre restaurant chain: Buffalo Wild Wings! It is kind of crazy how many things Buffalo Wild Wings has entered into our culture. Its origin story is COMPLETELY left field. We also talk about how busted the service industry is. If you like wage theft, polio, or overindulgent descriptions of meat, this is definitely the episode for you. Christian is so near and dear to my heart, follow @c_and_c_dueling_pianos on Instagram or his twitter @CThomasMccann (he thought his handle was @fullonacidtrip, but it is not. he simply lied for attention)













Other Episodes

Episode 2

January 03, 2022


Amy Do joins to talk about the meteoric rise and fall of a family cable empire from the 90s. It’s like if Succession took place in a rural company town, had less sexy actors, and added fradulently-funded lesbian arthouse films. Turns out, it only takes one question from a nosy fella to collapse a billion-dollar business. Follow @helloamydo everywhere! Listen on Amazon Prime / Audible Listen on Youtube 1. JohnnyCashRules32 Youtube Page 2. Adelphia Interviews, Dr. Susan Bishop 3. Court Case Summary, District Judge Gerard Lynch 4. SEC vs. Adelphia 5. That damn public Adelphia meeting, NYT 2002 6. Retrospective on Adelphia, NYT 2004 7. Watch Songcatcher for Free, Tubi 8. The Adelphia Story, CNN Money 9. John Rigas First Pitch, Olean Times Herald ...



Episode 10

August 08, 2022

An Episode About Rats

Dr. Alex Berr is on the pod to 1) brutally roast me several times and 2) help me think about the questions regarding the business of selling and distributing animals. The question that drives this episode is: Are animals products? We talk about the industry standards for both pet rats and lab rats when it comes to breeding, caretaking, and liability. Dr. Berr got her PhD in biomedical engineering and has PLENTY of experience with mice...it's really cool stuff. While this episode is absolutely hilarious, it's also pretty dark and gross. Don't listen if you're squeamish about animal stuff; this one is simply not for you. I forgot to put a disclaimer up top so consider yourself warned. Anyways, go see Uncontrolled Variables at the Lincoln Lodge this Thursday at 7:30pm! :) FOOTNOTES:  Mr. McKnight works to keep on rolling, Liz Such, Kaneland Krier 2013 EVERY DOG CAN HAVE ITS DAY: EXTENDING LIABILITY BEYOND THE SELLER BY DEFINING PETS AS “PRODUCTS” UNDER PRODUCTS LIABILITY THEORY, Jason Parent, Animal Law Review at Lewis & Clark Law School, 2005 Caruso v Crawford Hospital, NY 1979 Bazzini vs Garrant, NY 1982 https://www.criver.com/sites/default/files/noindex/catalogs/rms/brown-norway-rats-us-pricing.pdf Special report: Thousands of mice were euthanized at Rutgers during last year's campus shutdown, Madison McGay and Hayley Slusser, The Daily Targum 2021 The History of the Lab Rat Is Full of Scientific Triumphs and Ethical Quandaries, Sam Schipani, Smithsonian Magazine (This one has EAR RAT in it) https://www.melirats.com/our-rattery USDA uncovers abuse at rodent supplier that PETA claims is used by PetSmart, Russ Wiles, AZ Central 2016 Petco Rats Need ...



Episode 6

January 24, 2022

iO Theater

KP joins to talk about origins and dramatic sudden closure of iO theater. How can you make a sustainable business off of adults playing pretend? Turns out it’s pretty hard. This episode has everything: improv comedy, wage theft allegations, desecration of human remains. Twists and turns everywhere! Follow KP's incredible project @they.call.us everywhere!!! Footnotes:  Behind the Laughs: Community and Inequality in Comedy, Michael P. Jeffries The Funniest One in the Room: The Lives and Legend of Del Close, Kim “Howard” Johnson Chicago Comedy: A Fairly Serious History, Margaret Hicks Skullduggery, Tad Friend, The New Yorker Comedy Guru Charna Halpern Carries On, Achy Obejas, Chicago Tribune The First Comedy Strike, Richard Zoglin, Time Magazine This Unsung Comic Guru Turned Her Passion For Improv Into a Profitable Business INC Magazine, 2016 iO Co-Founder's Controversial Sexual Harassment Comments Spark Debate, Mae Rice, Chicagoist iO Chicago’s move is more than a new address, Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune iO makes a big move into founder Charna Halpern’s ‘dream theater’, Brianna Wellen, Chicago Reader What We Can Learn From Improv Theaters' PPP Loans, Seth Simons, Paste Magazine The Death of an Improv Theater: Mismanagement and Neglect at iO West ...